BIOL 4544

Advanced Developmental and Cellular Biology

(Lab required) The course focuses on contemporary concepts and approaches in developmental biology, including theoretical and practical aspects. The emphasis is on the laboratory component. May not be held with the former BIOL 3540. Prerequisites: BIOL 2520 or BIOL 2521 and BIOL 3542 (C) or the former BIOL 2540; or consent of the department.

Important Dates

January 18: Fall/Winter Term Spanned Classes Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) Deadline

January 21: Deadline to Apply Online to Graduate for Spring 2019 (most students)

January 21: Course Add Date - the last date to add a course in the revision period for Winter term and Winter/Summer term spanning courses

Upcoming Seminar

General seminar: Rex Yoon PhD Proposal: “Effects of Temperature and Diet on the Phenotypic Development of Lake Sturgeon” — Wednesday, January 16 at 9 a.m., 304 Biological Sciences.