Seminars in 2014

Wednesday, December 3
Dr. Benoit Roux (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Chicago): “TBA”
Friday, November 14
Dr. Vern Schram (Albert Einstein College of Medicine): “TBA”
Friday, November 7
Dr. Peter Davies (Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University): “TBA”
Friday, October 24
Dr. Neil Hammerschlag (Department of Biology, University of Miami): “TBA”
Thursday, October 23
Dr. Neil Hammerschlag (University of Miami): “Tiger Sharks: Uncovering Mysteries of a Feared & Magnificent Super Predator”
Friday, October 17
Dr. Gilbert Walker (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto): “TBA”
Friday, October 10
Dr. Steve Travers (Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Dakota): “"What is the cost of being rare?'”
Friday, October 3
Dr. Deborah Zamble (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto): “TBA”
Friday, September 12
Dr. Rick Riewe (Department of Biological Sciences, Universityof Manitoba): “"From meadow voles to land claims, life of a field biologist"”
Friday, April 4
Dr. Chris Buddle (McGill University): “"Tales from the North: the natural history, ecology and biodiversity of Arctic arthropods"”
Friday, March 28
Dr. Bruce Ford (Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba): “"Sedge hunting in Vietnam: species discoveries and insights into the origin of the world's largest flowering plant genus"”
Friday, February 28
Dr. Brent Sinclair (Department of Biology, Western University): “"Icy insects: The mechanisms and evolution of being frozen solid"”
Friday, January 24
Dr. Tyson MacCormack (Department of Chemisty and Biochemisty, Mount Allison University): “"Cardiorespiratory toxicity of engineered nanomaterials"”
Friday, January 17
Dr. Thomas Brown (School of Geography, Earch and Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK): “H-Print: A New Approach to Distinguishing Between Primary Production Sources in Arctic Ecosystems”
Friday, January 10
Dr. Alejandro Costamagna (Department of Entomology, University of Manitoba): “"Natural enemy impacts on agricultural pests at the landscape scale"”